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Time and quality product is the essence of any project. To cater the rising demand of cost effective and timely delivery of Quality construction activities K.K. Infratech Pvt. Ltd. has established a Project management team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals in the field of management of area development, construction & Interior Projects. Management foremost principle is to provide the client the efficient services by maintaining quality standards and to complete the project within the target time frame. The team of the professionals should be trained and equipped to face the challenges and uncertainties involved while working on housing developments, industrial, residential, commercial or retail projects. The project should be managed efficiently from formulation, planning and construction to final occupancy. Maintenance, Infrastructure assessment to tenant improvements, our team can help achieve the most demanding real estate objectives. Through our aggressive scheduling and budgeting, proper coordination with all other agencies of the project we have managed to have good product with the saving of around 10% on project cost and time.

The Company provides consultancy services in the following fields
  • Suggesting Site as per client Requirements.
  • Topographical Land/Road Surveys.
  • Project Formulation, Preparation of CPR (Conceptual Project Report).
  • Preparation of Detailed Designs & DPR (Detailed Project Report)
  • Project Planning and Management, (Time/ Financial resources management, Quality control, Technical audit/ review).
  • Structures and Foundation design.
  • Plumbing/ Storm water/ Drainage/ Electrical services design.
  • Machine foundations design.
  • Engineering Architectural Design.
  • Management of Site Activities
  • Quality Control & Documentation at Site.
  • Completion of Project & Handing Over
  • Turn Key Project Execution
  • Coordination of Specialized Consultants
  • Maintenance of the Premises
  • Arrangement of Construction Man Power.
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Create a progressive company matching International Standards in providing management services for diversified projects Provide an environment of professionalism, competence, teamwork, and service excellence maintaining Integrity, High Ethical Standards and Transparency. To provide expertise support to all segments of the society.

Our Mission is to provide single window solution in the field of property & construction by marinating quality services. To create awareness among society to adopt standard practices in real estate and construction practices
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We manage available resources in the optimum way to ensure economic efficient use of followings:
  • Human Resources
  • Mechanical Resources
  • Financial Resources
Evaluating data &
Conceptualization of
Applicability of various Codes.
Finalization of project formulation
Tendering of the project.
Specification Details
Preparation for CPM/PERT
Execution of Project at site
Completion & Handing Over
  • Time being the most precious resource
  • Stickiness to proposed Bar Chart
  • Coordination of Activities
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  • Sky touching integrity
  • Efficient as Team Member
  • Consistent confidence level
  • High degree of techno-managerial skills
  • Dedication Towards Clients
  • Excellent end-results
K.K. Infratech Pvt. Ltd. property Management services division handles all or part of the asset management process. We have smart systems in place that enable clients to capitalize on real estate, have control over day-to-day operations and have access to concise, accurate intelligence to support long-range strategic planning and functions.

Our Services are completely oriented towards helping our clients maximize returns on their assets by offering highly responsive, innovative options customized accordingly to the needs, financial goals and core business objectives of each client.

We deliver across real estate asset classes which include residential projects, office space developments, shopping centers and entertainment ventures, IT parks, hotels, land, industrial warehouses and infrastructure.

We offer commercial property management, residential property management, property maintenance and building management, tenancy management among others. A few activities of this division include:
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  • Operating statement review
  • Lease negotiations and approval
  • Asset or portfolio valuation
  • Business plan preparation
  • Due diligence
  • Disposition strategies/sale administration
What does property management mean?

Property management seeks to establish an appropriate framework within which to oversee property holdings with the aim to maximizing their value and achieving additional objectives as required by the estate owner.
What is the scope of work under property management?

The basic needs will be to carry out such tasks as overseeing physical maintenance, negotiating lettings at suitable terms, initiating and negotiating rent reviews and lease renewals and the enforcement of lease covenants wherever applicable.
What are the services usually offered by a property management company like K.K. Infratech Pvt. Ltd.?

K.K. Infratech Pvt. Ltd. offers a range of services like housekeeping, security service, electrical maintenance, air-conditioning, fire-fighting systems & maintenance, pantry and cafeteria services, landscape and horticulture, office assistance, interior and structural consultancy and a whole range of other services as per the requirement of the client.
What is the framework of the working of K.K. Infratech Pvt. Ltd.?

These activities will take place within an agreed strategic framework where there is a need to be mindful of the necessity of upgrading and merging interests where possible, recognizing other opportunities for the development of potential and fulfilling the owner's legal and social duties to the community.
Why do I need property management services?

The functions of a property management company are relatively simple, and can be managed using individual facility contractors. However, a professional company is needed to maximize asset life and asset value, and at the same time ensure more value for the money spent on property maintenance and better returns on the money invested in the property. Property management is all about a systematic approach to common day-to-day requirements. Once a system has been established it is possible to cater to all aspects of upkeep and preventive maintenance professionally and with use of the correct infrastructure and services.
How much would the property management services cost the client?

The service costs charged by K.K. Infratech Pvt. Ltd. generally work out to be lower than the expenses on maintenance and repair of the buildings. Since K.K. Infratech Pvt. Ltd. has an in-depth understanding of property and facilities management, these services usually result in a long term saving, in to form of planned maintenance, proactive approach and the total management expenses being shared among all the service provider. Charges are usually based on square feet areas, and would vary depending on the city and the scope of work.
What is the difference between facilities management and property management?

Facilities management may be defined as the provision, co-ordination and detailed management of the services and elements and their maintenance, excluding those items specifically and legally assigned to some other person or group. On the other hand, property management deals with overseeing physical maintenance, negotiating lettings at suitable terms; initiating and negotiating rent reviews and lease renewals and the enforcement of lease covenants wherever applicable.
Is office administration and property management being reduced to a common function?

Office administration and property management are two mutually exclusive functions and, in all mature corporate houses, they function as independent but inter-related departments.
Does property management also include buying and selling of property and transactions related to leasing and renting?

Yes, property management also may include the buy and sell of property and other property transactions, depending on the need of the client. Actually a property management company would be able to carry out such proceedings with greater efficiency due to their expertise and experience in the field.
Strategic Consulting:

K.K. Infratech Pvt. Ltd. strategic consulting division help clients minimize risk and develop viable strategic options regarding resources and assets to fit their organizational strategy. Our consulting exercise includes developing framework that positions real estate to accommodate changes in business needs, and create efficiency.

Our Strategic consulting advisors assists our clients with long-run implementation of strategic real estate solutions. This includes strategic programming, strategic interpretation on all major property types, especially for institutional-level clients, identifying new business location, working out physical configurations and usage standards that will enable a client to operate at maximum efficiency. This business moves favour clients to meet the twin objectives of making quality property decisions and maximizing returns.

We offer services to public-sector and non-profit organizations, developers, investors, advisors and lenders seeking dynamic strategies regarding existing assets, potential acquisitions, new development projects, properties slated for disposition and strategic advice on the cost, availability and suitability of buildings and locations.

Our services where our clients seek strategic decisions rely heavily on technical expertise, market knowledge and analytical skills which also the areas where our services apply significantly:
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  • Business location selection
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Merger and acquisition strategy
  • Merger and acquisition due diligence
  • Allocation and Investment Strategies
  • Real Estate/Asset-Type Allocation
Our services also include making policy recommendations, assess financial viability, do market analysis, devise business plans, action plan, master plan and work on scenario generation. We undertake property portfolio strategy, offer investment services and advice, and suggest the most strategic viable alternatives as per the requirements of the client brief
International Client Services:

K.K. Infratech Pvt. Ltd. International Client services division typically analyses a client's business needs before working with them to develop strategies and implementing those decisions. After understanding the client’s need we realize that we must have different approaches as we try to understand the client's global business and how it operates. Clients representing different businesses, have differing real estate assets that entail innovative thinking.

We offer a wide array of real estate services to clients within the realm of their respective markets across service lines that include corporate property, residential property, retail, office leasing, investment, valuation ,construction, management, maintenance, arrangement of expertise opinion.

K.K. Infratech Pvt. Ltd. International Client services division provides cross-region client focus to the international business or investor looking for a responsive team capable of delivering integrated information, real estate services and cross-border advice on various real estate matters including managing and optimizing their assets.

We work across time zones and offer seamlessly coordinated quality service and performance for every type of real estate requirement by applying our capabilities and resources to the optimum level.

K.K. Infratech Pvt. Ltd. helplines are always available for its valuable clients to serve in a better way. We would like to be always committed towards our clients services.
Corporate Property Solutions:

K.K. Infratech Pvt. Ltd. Corporate Property Solutions provides services that are targeted to the specific needs of corporate clients. Our dedicated team of experts provide innovative solutions across office developments, distribution and housing, retail and capital markets.
Our corporate advisory products are strategic in nature and consist of business location advisory, site search and selection market forecasts, strategic occupancy planning, benchmarking, mergers and acquisition of companies, joint ventures, and private equity placements and covers all aspects involving the sale, acquisition, marketing, development, commercial property management and leasing of office property from in-town offices to major business parks.

We offer all property solutions in comprehensive turnkey projects for clients from conception, feasibility studies and project definition, through budgeting, planning and procurement and tendering to implementation, relocation and occupier research leading to apt occupation. The respective experts are involved right from the beginning to provide expert opinion an all the aspects of the project.

K.K. Infratech Pvt. Ltd. Corporate Property Solutions division also helps you maximize your returns and minimize your liabilities in the areas of portfolio management and property investment. Our corporate finance includes finance raising and refinancing services and independent valuations and due diligence. We also undertake services for call centre management, space acquisition and renegotiation.

We oversee and co-ordinate all property matters that might arise within a large and diverse portfolio. This includes managing a large number of surplus properties in terms of financial(account management, etc), physical management (taking care of the collection and payment of rents and outgoings); preparation of budgets, profit and loss statements and a balance sheet and preparing assets for surplus space disposal as well as facility management.

K.K. Infratech Pvt. Ltd. Corporate Property Solutions division seeks to incorporate a business perspective that matches the client's overall business objectives and minimizes interruption. Our project and development management services are streamlined and made convenient for the client leaving him free to focus on his business.
Valuation and Consulting :

K. K. Infratech Pvt. Ltd. Valuation & Consulting services division quantifies the current and projected property values for our clients; to facilitate informed decision making, with respect to mortgage /insurance transaction, acquisition, disposal, investments, debt equity funding, project financing and others.

Our services while exuding good understanding of the local real estate market offers comparative market analysis and valuation surveys delivered with neat precision. Our wide ranging property valuation services span residential projects, commercial projects (for office, retail and industrial property valuation), vacant land, hospitality related property and special use properties. The technical wing of the PropertyKoncepts is consist of Architects, Engineers, Service Engineers and other expert allied professionals to assist our clients all the time.

We offer valuation services including accurate and timely appraisal and valuation reports for the purpose of sale, acquisition or lease, rating, mergers and acquisitions, tax assessment, disposition, purchase and book valuations.

Our appraisals find application in mortgage underwriting, portfolio management, internal buy/sell/hold decisions, litigation support, potential sale pricing, and many others.

Property Koncepts Pvt. Ltd. Valuation & Consulting Advisory services are also geared towards delivering formal valuation opinions on business and asset values to fulfill requirements of real estate valuation for dispute, financial reporting as well as for governance and regulatory purposes.
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  • Evaluation of Clients’s Need
  • Property Purchase & Sale
  • Investor Services
  • Construction & Furnishing
  • Mortgage & Finance
  • Resale of Property
  • Property Management
  • Letting Management
  • Maintaining Properties