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Pooja room is a personal room of the god and is a place where we worship the god as per our religion and culture. In olden days our beloved God room was designed during construction and it was known as one pooja room (Called as God Room, Temple, Mandhir, Bhajana room, Prayer room etc). Urbanization and higher cost of the land and built up areas in mega cities has reduced the pooja rooms/mandir.

In Hindu culture Ishanya or north-east is governed by God and this location is the best for placement of the god room. Locating ‘Pooja room’ in north-east brings prosperity, good health, wealth, happiness and peace of mind. North-east is auspicious for other reasons. In morning sunrays fall directly from north-east and give us positive energy. Now a days pooja room converted into pooja shelf, now a days so many are placing God Idols at shelfs only

North-East corner being god place should not be used for bed room, kitchen or any other room, and no other articles should be placed in the pooja room. Cleanliness must be maintained around it. One should sit facing north or east while worshipping. Idols or pictures of the deities should be placed on a high platform built on four legs (sinhasan) or a cup-board in the wall in the north or east side. There should not be any toilet or kitchen above, below or adjacent to the pooja room.

Worship should be done in the northeast, north, or east sides of the house. It is best that the temple room is in the northeast corner of the house. The worship room should not be to the south. The place of worship should be on the ground floor and not upstairs

The altar should be located on the northeast side of the temple room. The deities or pictures of the deities should either face east or west, and should not face north or south. It is best that the Deities face west and the worshipers face east.

The altar should not be set into the wall but should be at least 2.5 cm (an inch) from it. The door to the temple room should have two shutters.

Toilets should never be above or below the place of worship. White, light yellow, or light blue are good colors for a temple room. It is good if the worship room is shaped like a pyramid, sloping inward as it goes upward toward the roof in the four directions.

• The Pujaghar shouild be in east, north or the north-east corner.

• The idols should be in the east and the west of the Pujaghar.

• White or light yellow marble work is very auspicious in these room. Color of walls should be white, light yelow or light blue. • One should sit near the western wall facing the east for meditation, avoding the look of the idol

• It should have doors and windows in the north and east.

• Lamp stand should be in the south-east corner of the worship room.

• If the worship room is in the shape of a pyramid it is very auspicious.

• The showcases and the almirahs in the Pujaghar should be in the western or the southern walls.

• The Pujaghar should have as threshold.

• The idols should be kept atleast 1 or 2 inches away from the walls in the worship room.

• In the upper half of the worship room there should be space for ventilation or it can be made of glass.

We should not construct a small room at the North-east with more shelves and keep the Deity’s photos and construct a platform for the idols there. This will load and block the North-east corner and the Gods will get antagonized with us. We can have open shelves and place God’s pictures there or a shelf in the Northeast room can be used for pooja purposes. The North-east corner of the house should be clean, which will bring God’s blessings.

If there is no separate room available for pooja room we can use any room by placing a bench or a shelf and keeping deities there. Even in bedrooms (if no separate room is available) the gods can be arranged in a shelf but the shelf has to be covered by a screen or by closing windows. Whenever we want to pray we can pray by opening the screen (or doors) and one should close the same, after the prayer. Any shed outside the house, should be constructed at the West or South. This will give benefic results to the inmates as this evades the South and West direction. But, the construction of shed should be avoided at the East and North directions.

As per elders saying the pictures and idols of Gods worshipped in the pooja room should not face the south or north . The picture of Gods casually hung on the walls of the house can be facing any direction. The photos and idols of god to be worshipped in the pooja room are to face either the East or the West. The person performing the pooja should either face the East or the North.


Pooja room should not be in the bedroom if possible

2) Pooja room should not be above electrical appliances or gas stoves

3) Pooja room should not touch the same wall as the toilet

4) Pooja room should not be opposite bathroom or toilet.

5) Pooja room should be clean and neat avoid dirt or clutter and keep it fragrant.

No broken/cluttered/disfigured i.