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The ancient past and in today's cosmopolitan world, Feng Shui is recognised as 'Kan-Yu', meaning thereby "The Law of Heaven and Earth".
Feng Shui is basically an ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of various objects in sync with the surrounding environs. This science provides guidelines that pave the way for efficient architectural planning.
The basic elements of Feng Shui are :-
  • Space
  • Weather
  • Astronomy
  • TheGeomagnetism
Feng Shui is all about energy, its flow and how it improves relationships between humans and environment.
Some of very well-known techniques of Feng-Shui have been described below for your convenience:-
  • Scarcity of space and limited resources have created numbers of Vastu non compliance in houses, industries, offices, commercial establishments etc.
  • The concept is to have positive energies and reduce negative energies affecting inmates mind, health& wealth.
  • Water, Earth, Wood, Agni, Metal five elements are back bone of Feng Shui.
  • It is based on the interaction of Yin (Negative Energy) and yang (Positive Energy), the female and male forces with the Chinese astrology.
  • No Toilet, Kitchen should be in front of the main entrance.
  • No pole, tree or any obstruction in front of main gate.
  • To beams above bed, No mirrors, T.V., Dressing Table in bed room.
  • Drawing Room should be near to main entrance, have bigger windows, North-East should be open.
  • Bed Room
  • Kitchen should be in East or East-South. Fire place and water sink should be away. Microwave and refrigerator may be adjacent.
  • Bed Room
  • Kitchen should be in East or East-South. Fire place and water sink should be away. Microwave and refrigerator may be adjacent.
  • W.C. /Toilets should be away from Kitchen/ Dining, should be in North, North-East or North-West. Doors should be smaller and open inside.
  • W.C./Toilet should have one mirror and bath tub should not have any beam in the ceiling. Should not face main door.



Architects use it to decide the perfection of a specific layout and design of various buildings. Not only this, but Feng Shui also deals with the proper arrangement of your environment to help you attain the best possible benefits in your life. It creates the energy inside you to help you achieve more than what you desire from your life (like wealth, respect, love, a new home, family, friends and many more) and less of what you don't wish for. Its main objective is to heighten positive energies and minimise negative energies. It is based on the interaction of Yin and yang, the female and male forces with the Chinese astrology. It helps you in keeping your mental and physical capacity on the top so that you deal with different circumstances with confidence and vigour. All this is not magic, but a good Feng Shui! It is the decision-makers of the rich, powerful and the elites in settling on the direction their homes. If you are building a new home, it would be better for you to know before hand with the help of Feng Shui which direction will be more advantageous for you, your family or the members of the new house. Nevertheless, while buying an existing house, if you end up purchasing a building with its direction not in the best of your interests, you can always consult Feng Shui to counter the problem. The principles of Feng Shui have been followed and proven successful by many in enhancing their lives since the time immemorial. The emperors and kings used the principles of Feng Shui to conquer kingdoms in the ancient times. In fact, many successful people from the corporate world such as Donald Trump, Ruppert Murdock and Oprah Winfrey, have been using Feng Shui to ensure the smooth and beneficial running of their businesses. Feng Shui has always proven to be a useful guide for its usage in various spheres of life; be it deciding the direction of a building or placement of different objects in one's living room, drawing room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet, balcony, or decorating a home or building congenial relationships.