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Whilst you are planning to go ahead with constructing some kind of property, you need to arrange for the following list of professionals who help you build your dream into realty:-
1. Architect/Consultant.
2. Site Engineer.
3. Structural Engineer.
4. Site Engineer
5. Contractors. (Depending on the workforce of workmen employed to work in the field.)
6. Site supervisor
7. Interior Designer.
The Architect planning mainly involves the following steps enlisted below:-
  • Confirming that the building is in line with the prevailing by-laws.
  • The designing of the building is aptly done with respect to the local climate and other logical factors.
  • Providing consultancy on luck engineering involving Vaastu/ Feng-shui considerations if any
  • The other requirements like drawing room, bed rooms, toilets, and kitchens as per end users wish must be available in the building plan.
  • Architect ensures that the minimum circulation area and number of doors are rightly put.
  • The furniture location in the rooms should not hinder circulation.
  • The option of mechanical ventilation i.e. exhaust fan is to be used in few typical cases like kitchen, bathrooms and stores.
The working on the building involves following steps:-
  • Making of Sketch Plans
  • Obtaining all statuary approvals by the local development authority
  • Working out the primary estimated cost of the building to be erected
  • Preparation of a set of working drawings
  • Appointment of Civil Contractor
  • Appointment of Plumbing Contractor
  • Appointment of Electrical Contractor
  • Appointment of Carpentry Contractor
  • Appointment of a Damp Proofing Consultant for basements/toilets/Terrace
  • Appointment of a Pest Control Consultant
  • Implementing layout of the sites
  • Laying of footings and foundations.
  • Implementation of erection of the superstructure
  The implementation of the superstructure of the building involves the following:-
  • Erection of footings, columns, R.C.C. slabs & beams - for framed structure
  • Erection of load bearing walls, R.C.C. slabs & beams - for load bearing structure.
  • In the Erection of filler walls in framed structure construction.
  • Erection of doors, windows chowkhats.
  • Layout of underground conduits for water supply/ sewage/ electrical conducting.
  • Preparation of flooring sub-base.
  • Fixing of electrical boxes for installation of switches/ MCBs etc.
  • Plastering on the walls etc.
  • Fixing of doors, windows panels.
  • Applying putty/ painting/ polishing on the walls, ceilings, doors and windows.
  • Fixing of flooring eg. Marble/ Tiles.