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Bedroom is a room where we all being and end out day. Therefore, it should be decorated in such a way that it provides peace, comfort and calm that will set us all on the right foot. For some people, the bedroom is just a place to sleep while others feel that it is a place to relax, read, listen to music or watch TV to create a feeling of calm, we need to avoid too bright, intense colour schemes, busy patterns and heavy design elements. Try to keep it simple with light, pastel schemes and easy patterns. Try to keep it simple with light pastel shades and small patterns. The feeling of space can be increased by using more coordinate patterns and colours for bedcovers, curtains or blinds and wall finishes. Mirrors are a useful source to generate maximum natural light and give illusion of depth. You can give a personal touch to the bedroom by keeping an armchair or even a sofa if there is enough space. Doing this will promote comfort. Fresh flowers and decorative objects provide a feeling of freshness, clam and colour.



    OR TWO SINGLE BED 3'3''X6'6'' EACH
    ONE OR TWO CHAIRS 1'6''X1'6''



The main bedroom should be on the southwest or northwest side of the house. If there is an upper story in the house, the master bedroom should be on this floor, in the southwest corner. Adult married children can also use this room. Younger children, however, should not use it because that will cause trouble in the household. Bedrooms on the northeast side of the house will also cause trouble.

The children’s bedrooms should be in the northwest or west. The younger children’s bedroom can also be on the east side of the house, newly married couples should not use a bedroom on the east side.

Guest bedrooms are best located in the northwest corner, but can also be located in the northeast corner.

Bedroom walls should be painted a light rose, dark blue, dark green, gray, etc. As per concept of the some designers the walls should not be painted white or a light yellow. The door should be set in the east, west or north, and should ideally be one shutter. One should sleep in his own house with his head facing east or south. If one is staying in someone else’s house, or while traveling, he should sleep with his head facing west. One should never sleep with his head facing north. Upon rising from bed, the right foot should be placed on the floor first.

If one is to study in the bedroom, the east side should be used. The wardrobe should be located on the northwest or southwest side of the bedroom. TV, heaters, and air conditioners should be located in the southeast corner.

The southwest corner of the room should not be vacant. An attached bathroom could be built on the west or north sides of the room. It is best not to keep the safe in a bedroom, but if this is the only place for the safe, it should be located on the south wall, opening north.

Bed room of the head of family should be larger than that for other members of the family. Bed should not be placed in a corner or in the centre of the room. Also it should not be placed touching the walls. It should be placed in the east or south portion of the room in such a manner that head of the person while sleeping remains towards south and feet towards north, one should never sleep with head towards north.


Start by drawing a diagram of the room on graph paper, mark all existing features, such as windows, doors, cupboards, telephone, electric socket and switches. Then on the same scale draw the shapes of furniture you intent to place. Try and arrange the furniture pieces cut of paper on the room plan to find the best arrangement. Beds should have enough clearance space to allow the circulation of people and change sheets. Leave at least 75cm of space around the bed for easy movement of users. Slightly less space will do between two single beds. Make sure there is enough room for cupboard or wardrobe doors to open fully, that drawers pull out without obstruction and that there is clear route between bed and door. Note every aspect that could be changed to increase space or practicality.



General overhead lighting is flexible if controlled by dimmer switches preferably operatic from the bed. Table lamp or Spotlight is necessary for study or hobby area fit light inside a deep wardrobe with a small switch.

A bedside lamp should be adjustable, so that it focus direct beam on the book without shining into eyes. In a double bedroom it is best to have two bedside lamps, so that one person can read in well directed light, if the other wants to sleep


A bedroom should be calm, away from any hectic type activities of rest of the house. But if it is full of clothes, shoes, magazines, jewellery, sports gear, make up and all other bits and bobs, it will never feel like a peaceful place. To keep all clutter out of sight, it is important to design a well planned storage. Normally in our Indian houses we try to make bed room as clutter of clothes, books, shoes, chappals etc. Which does not give any feelings of peace, calmness and comfort even in the bed room.

Free standing wardrobes and chests give less storage space than built in cupboards. Chest drawers, beds with drawer, divan boxes and bedside tables all incorporate vital extra storage space. Make the most of every inch of space inside the wardrobe. Consider adding a low rail in one section for shirts and racks for storing shoes. Add drawers, open shelves, wire trays or linen basket into the cupboards. Store suitcases and seasonal or holiday clothes which are not often needed in overhead cupboards.

In a small bedroom, storage space is at a premium. The best solution is one which looks good, works well and gives room to relax. Make sure that the style of storage matches the character of room itself. Plan design, finish and colour and do not forget final touch such as knobs and handles that affect the whole look.

Bedroom storage isn’t just about wardrobes. There may be odd corners that can be used for extra drawers or shelves. The space under the bed is offer wasted. Design drawer divan base to pack away winter blankets or summer clothes that would take up precious space in the wardrobe.

Free standing wardrobe is the most flexible option. It is positive advantage to be able to move things around if one feels like a change. User can always take it with himself when planning to move to other location. But the disadvantage is that free standing furniture tends to take more space than built in cupboards. With free standing cupboard you must give room a unified effect.

For a really neat look that maximizes storage space while taking up minimum room its hard to beat built in, wall to wall wardrobe. If the main bedroom is small, probably the clever thing you can do is to create illusion of space by use of colour scheme and mirrors.


If tall cupboards are placed on both the sides of the door then they look neat and clean. These cupboards also do not obstruct the way for users of that room.

In case the door is on to a side of bedroom and adjoining the wall, then the wardrobe can be placed on other side. The space above the door can be utilized by making extra cupboard storage.

If the wardrobes are on both sides and upper part is used for storage then centre part of wall can be used to incorporate a dressing table and mirror.

Wardrobes can be placed besides the window. Mirrors can be installed on the sides of wardrobe. This shall hipe the light and also the window shall appear larger.


The furniture in children room should be such that it needs less maintenance but equally attractive. A full length cupboard is a nice choice as it will cater to changing needs of child as he grows up. Small beds especially designed for child room may not love a long term purpose. Therefore, it is better to plan accordingly. Bunk beds are very popular as they allow more play area in a shared room and are handy at the time of guest visits. Let us look at some designs of bunk beds

Decorating a child room is an interesting thing as it is here that you can be bolder than in other rooms. Always make use of paints on wall which can be cleaned or wiped although you can make the colour scheme brighter. It is also a good idea to work on a theme in children’s bedroom. This theme could be from the hobby of children who use th room, Remember not to overdo bright colour or hobby theme as this can create a terrible monotony for children.

A teenager bedroom needs separate attention. As the young adults need space to develop an independent lifestyle. Try to keep overall design simple. Consider a versatile sleeping and seating arrangements. Folding beds or pull down beds must help in small space. Expensive wall finishes are not required in youngster’s room mainly because they may like to strike posters etc. on to the wall. Use of oil based paint for greater resistance to damage is appropriate.

Rich grey and brown colour scheme is depicted. Both dull colours when combined give very good results. The light brown flooring in stone and grey carpet enhances the beauty of small room. The bloused cushions add magic to dull grey colour. The dining table is installed in wall itself which can be folded when not in use. The board is painted into grey to get a uniform colour scheme.





This bedroom is example of an rectangular bedroom, supported by less space on sides of bed. The flooring of room is blue supported by pink small sitting pouches. Cupboards are inbuilt to make storage space available. 75 cm moving space around the bed is sufficient for a comfortable bedroom living.


In-built dressing table with mirror lights.